Price corrections trend continues on real estate market

Real estate market continues the downward trend started in 2008, of price corrections and Jan. 2010 prices show drops of 26 percent on average compared to Jan. 2009, reveals an analysis of the real estate portal

The one-room flats went down, from 57,594 euros to 42,467 euros, the two-room flats from 90,870 euros to 68,902 euros, the three-room flats from 132,569 to 95,021 euros and the four-room flats from 168,061 euros in Jan. 2009 to 124,832 euros in Jan. 2010.

January was more restless than usual, first of all because of the lack of certainty related to the First house programme. Part of those who fit in this programme are hurrying up to submit the file, to be sure they do not waste this opportunity and those who do not fit the requirements for the time being are expecting to see more relaxed conditions for accession to this programme.

The number of flats on the market also follows a downward trend. In Jan. 2010, individuals have brought on the market below 1,700 flats for sale, of which 652 two-room flats, 489 three-room flats, 382 one-room flats and 137 four-room flats. AnunturiParticulari site was launched in 2001 and monitors all real estate ads published by individuals in the press and on Internet.

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