PSD to propose Constitution revision, new Electoral Code

Chairman of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana wants a Social-Democratic proposal to revise the Constitution to be worked out, for it to be subsequently subjected to public debate, and also the conception of a new Electoral Code.

“I want us to submit to public debate and to propose – and here I would ask Mr. Adrian Nastase, who has extensive relevant experience, to step in – a revision of the Romanian state’s way of operation, including the Constitution that governs our republic in the 21st century,” Geoana said Wednesday during the meeting of the PSD parliamentary groups.

“I would like us to come up with a proposal for a constitutional forum where we should filter such ideas. I want us to invite the architects of constitution changes in European countries. Let us invite former [French] Prime Minister Edouard Balladur, who headed the reflection group for the recent change of the French Constitution, which is closest to Romania’s in political and intellectual terms,’ said Geoana.

The PSD leader reminded in the context that constitutional revision moves are in the pipeline even in Luxembourg and Slovakia and these could be an inspiration for the Romanian Social-Democrats. “I want the edifice of our republic to also carry the imprint of the Social Democratic Party,” concluded Geoana. He also believes that PSD should initiate the drafting of a new Electoral code.

“The presidential elections have shown that the vote of grassroots Romanians no longer count when money and state institutions get involved in favor of a candidate. If we want this country to have a chance that those who receive the votes to also be vested as representatives of the Romanians, we need to realize that it is time to correct a deeply flawed and flaw-prone system,’ said the PSD chairman. He also suggested a voting security mechanism to allow citizens to choose whomever they want.

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