Rectors claim uniform pay law dispiriting

The management of public and private higher education institutions having attended on Wednesday the convention of the National Council of Rectors (CNR), claimed that the uniform pay law in its present form ‘is dispiriting’, especially for highly performing teachers, stating that a performance-based salary hierarchy was needed.

At the same time, the higher education managers disagree with the PhD bonus pay withdrawal. The rectors believe solutions can be found ‘without reducing teachers’ pay.’ They were also dissatisfied with the VAT payment on projects financed under European structural funds.

In their opinion, accession to structural funds is an important issue. Rectors are discontent with the fact that funds for PhD students were not granted, though they had been approved. Also attending the convention, Minister of Education Daniel Funeriu admitted there was a problem related to the PhD funds and assured the audience that remedies would be looked for.

Funeriu stated that his tolerance level related to red tape in the education field would be ‘zero’. ‘People working in offices shouldn’t waste their time with useless pieces of paper,’ the minister added.

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