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Retail sale’s turnover goes 8.5 p.c. down in Dec

The retail trade turnover went down by 8.5 percent in Dec. 2009 compared to that in the same month in 2008, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs in a release on Wednesday.

The 8.5 percent drop in the retail sales is calculated as a gross series, while the year-on year decrease of 5.6 percent is the adjusted series, contingent of the number of the workdays and the season. The adjusted series of the food, drink and tobacco sales went lower by 2.7 percent in Dec. than in Nov. 2009, and the turnover earned from the sales of non-food products diminished by 10.9 percent, over the same time span.

The retail turnover’s gross series dropped by minus 10.3 percent, whereas the adjusted series stood at minus 10.4 percent, in 2009 compared to the year before.
It was cuts of minus 19.1 percent in the fuel retail sales, of 9.4 percent in the non-food products respectively, and of 3.3 percent, in the sales of food, drink and tobacco, that caused the 10.4 percent decrease in the adjusted series.
The survey’s data were collected from about 2,000 economic units whose main activity is the retail sales, and the estimates’ admitted error margin stands at +/- 3 percent, the INS release reads.


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