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Romania imported 2bn cu m of natural gas in 2009

Imports of natural gas exceeded two billion cubic meters in 2009, less than half the amount imported in 2008, which stood at 4.5 billion cubic meters, according to the interconnection strategy with neighbouring countries, published by the National Natural Gas Transport Company Transgaz.

Romania is currently importing Russian natural gas through the interconnection pipeline with the Ukrainian system, via the Ukraine Tekovo – SMG Medium Red Plated segment and also the Orlovka – SMG Isaccea pipeline segment. The first pipeline’s capacity is 11 million cubic metres per day, and the second’s 24 million cubic meters per day.

The amount of imported natural gas has significantly decreased in Romania due to reduced consumption in 2009. Natural gas consumption in Romania totalled 120.645 million MWh January through November 2009, the highest figure registered in January – 17.578 million MWh, and the lowest in June – 6.384 million MWh, according to data centralized by the National Regulatory Authority for the Energy Field.

Domestic production of natural gas in November 2009, used for consumption, represented 88.37 percent of the total sources, the two top producers (Romgaz and Petrom) covering 98.12 percent from the domestic source. Imports for consumption in the current month, both current import and from storage, represented the difference, 11.63 percent respectively. The top three importers – domestic suppliers – with an import market share of over 14 percent each, supplied 84.29 percent.
Natural gas import price ranged from $ 46.51 / MWh to $ 25.36 / MWh.


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