Adrian Nastase: PSD has to stop functioning as mere formula for completing various gov’ts of Traian Basescu

The Social Democratic Party has to stop functioning as mere formula for completing various governments of Traian Basescu, Chairman of the party’s steering committee Adrian Nastase on Thursday stated.

He also specified on the same occasion he would not run for President of PSD against his colleagues, but he only wants to form a team, together with them, to make PSD stronger, so that to really come to represent an alternative to ‘ a future dictatorship.’ ‘ We need a real democracy, not one manipulated by remote control,’ said Nastase.

The Social Democrat leader emphasized PSD is now the second party of the country, for the second time consecutively in opposition.
‘PSD got stuck with the label of a corrupt communist party just because certain colleagues in the party preferred so, in their attempt to eliminate their opponents,’ said Nastase.

The former Prime Minister expressed his regret that the PSD has come to lose its rural voters – who werw won by Traian Basescu instead, for these people were faced with an ‘obvious’ confusion as regards the political strategies.
‘The PSD is now the second party of the country and, if we do not take measures, the trend will remain negative, because, beyond the fight we need to carry out against the Democratic Liberal Party will have to think about the competition with the Liberal Party in opposition too.

The main cause for the party’s decline was generated by the loss of our ability to think and act strategically. Another cause is our lability, because of such interests of a moment, relating mainly to our participation in government in recent years. (…)
I think now is the time to function as a party, not as a mere formula for completing various governments of Basescu. Some colleagues thought the party’s history begins in 2005 […]

In fact, the most unpredictable is the past,’ said Adrian Nastase. According to him, the Social Democratic members and voters need a signal of strength. Nastase also mentioned he had a great respect for the PSD leaders and he also insisted the founder of the party, Ion Iliescu, must be given the proper role. On the other hand, the former Premier voiced his regret he was held out from the electoral debate last year.

‘We fear we got stuck with this label of a corrupt communist party, because some of our colleagues preferred it this way, in order to get ride of some of their opponents. It wasn’t a very wise strategy, because, here we are now, suffering because of unfair reasons.
After five years in opposition, five years of accusations against us that were never proven, while we see daily on television proved accusations in connection with those now in power,’ the Social Democratic leader said in the end. ‘Don’t count on me to leave the party. I love you, no matter the final result,’ Adrian Nastase ended his speech raising applause.

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