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Bogdan Aurescu: Romanians must get rid of national mishap feeling

Diplomat Bogdan Aurescu stated on Wednesday, on the occasion of a year since the ruling in The Hague, according to which Romania won the case against Ukraine, that one of the lessons learnt from this experience is that Romanians must get rid of the “ ‘mioritic’ feeling of eternal national bad luck” (poignantly illustrated by “Miorita” (The Little Ewe) old Romanian pastoral ballad – editor’s note).

Romania‘s delegation top diplomat, who was in charge with the legal procedures during the trial with Ukraine on the Black Sea continental shelf division, has launched on the occasion of an year since the International Court took that decision, the volume “Proscenium and behind the scene of the trial in The Hague. Memoirs of a young diplomat”.

“There are some lessons in this book I learnt during this exercise. Maybe, the most important is that we, the Romanians, must learn to get rid of this feeling that I consider harmful and damaging, namely that we know we are right, but we are also convinced that we will always be wronged and that we can die with justice in our hands, a ‘mioritic’ feeling of eternal national misfortune throughout our history”, said Bogdan Aurescu, currently State secretary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) for strategic affairs.

At the same time, he voiced hope that this trial and its outcome succeeded to remove, even for one single day, this feeling, considering that Romania‘s team proved professionalism in its arguments brought in The Hague. “We showed that we can win a complex confrontation from the legal standpoint due to our professionalism.

I would not say that Ukraine was an adversary. I would rather say it is further our partner, our very important neighbor at the European Union and NATO’s outer border, and that we support its advance towards both the EU and NATO”, said Bogdan Aurescu.

The volume “Proscenium and behind the scene of the trial in The Hague. Memoirs of a young diplomat” illustrates the Romanian-Ukrainian negotiations as regards the Black Sea continental shelf, in the Serpents Isle zone, started in the Soviet era and finished on Feb. 3, 2009, when the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled in favor of Romania. Romania won during that trial against Ukraine 79.34 percent of the disputed zone in the Black Sea (9,700 sq km from a total of 12,200 sq km).

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