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Cristian Diaconescu: No other option than running for PSD chairmanship

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Vice-Chairman Cristian Diaconescu on Thursday stated that he wanted to run for PSD chairmanship in order to support the project he believes in.

‘I have heard here colleagues of ours saying they might have other alternatives than running for PSD chairmanship. In my opinion, I do not have other option but to run for the party’s chairmanship as I want to promote a political project I believe in,’ said Cristian Diaconescu at PSD National Council.
Diaconescu ‘kindly requested’ Mircea Geoana, the party’s leader, to eliminate the ‘cheap bias’ from the ‘New Opportunities Project’, referring to the way in which some Social Democrats, like former Minister of Labour Marian Sarbu, related to the present governance.

‘Let us include here those among us who fawn today on President Basescu and Victoria Palace,’ Diaconescu added. He also stated that, despite his colleagues admitting or not, PSD ‘absolutely’ needed to put the 2009 election into a particular context. ‘We all know what our hopes were. Some of them can be imputable to us, others cannot.

I am sorry we forgot to mention the electoral law serious infringements, the way in which elections took place in a democratic state. Of course, this is not an excuse for the mistakes and inability some of us are guilty oĘ’ Diaconescu added. At the same time, Diaconescu emphasised that PSD continued to be a ‘large party’, as it was inherited from the honourable chairman Ion Iliescu.

He stated that the two major problems Romania was facing were the ‘highly controlling’ right wing and President Traian Basescu, who was trying to ‘structurally rebuild the Romanian state.’ ‘We displayed a sort of opportunism. […]
We have never been obstinate enough to say no, we do not want the power because we are breaching the left-wing party identity. We had other arguments, but other than that, a certain kind of versatility does no good, especially to a large party,’ Diaconescu added.

He expressed his wish that in 2012 PSD should win power and govern on its own, although he did not deny the necessity to form alliances. ‘Nobody outside PSD wishes us well. Everybody outside wants nothing but fights and is interested in nothing more than breaking this party in two. […] If PSD fails to manage to win the election in 2012, the entire team will leave, because given the present situation, it will end up causing mistrust in our party,’ Diaconescu said.


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