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Defence Minister Oprea: US invitation to Romania, a foreign policy success

The invitation extended by the US to Romania to join the missile shield is a success of the consistent foreign policy of Romania over the past five years promoted by President Traian Basescu, the commander of Romania‘s Armed Forces, Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea said on Thursday.

‘This invitation is consolidating the Romanian-US strategic partnership and is the outcome of conjugated efforts of the institutions dealing with national defence and security matters. Under today’s decision of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), ground-based interception elements will be deployed in Romania as part of the ballistic missile defence system, which is a priority of Romania’s defence policy.

In the period immediately ahead, bilateral negotiations will be initiated between Romanian and US diplomatic and military experts that will lead to the conclusion of agreements that will be submitted to the Romanian Parliament for ratification,’ Oprea said in a press release issued on Thursday.
He underscored that the US decision to invite Romania to join the missile defence system is a confirmation of excellent cooperation between the Romanian and the US armed forces as part of the military dimension of the Romanian-US partnership.

‘This is an important decision, a major contribution to boosting the security of Romania, a member state of the North Atlantic Alliance, that guarantees the national territory of Romania will be fully covered against any threats of ballistic missile strikes. Romania is a trustful ally of the US, and proof to that is Romania’s foreign policy, the active involvement of the Romanian Army in international missions, in the theaters of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Western Balkans and also the actions supported by Romanian officials,’ said Oprea.

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