Hacker attack on CO2 allowances national registry

The national registry of greenhouse gas emission allowances was the victim of an electronic hacker attack last week, many EU member states experiencing the same situation as Romania, daily Ziarul Financiar reports quoting Financial Times Germany.

The CO2 allowance registers in Romania manage the allocation and trade of pollution emission allowances in Europe and are under the management of the National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPM).
‘There was an attempt to obtain confidential information from the account holders in the National Registry of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Romania last week. The necessary security measures were taken right away, so that the account holders did not mention any fraudhttp://www.financiarul.ro/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=77146&message=6 related to the number of allowances owned,’ ANPM officials report, quoted by Ziarul Financiar.

The emission allowances are distributed among a couple of companies, each of them receiving a particular number of allowances according to pollution level. If a certain company has an excessive number of allowances, as is the case with many Romanian companies whose business was affected by the crisis, thus triggering a decrease in the pollution level, these certificates may be sold, and the funds obtained following this kind of trade can be used for investments.

‘All EU states’ national registries were attacked. Hackers did not manage to break into the Romanian National Registry as the system identified the attempt. The National Registry of Emission Allowances was blocked for half a day. All operators having accounts with the Registry were announced not to send the requested information and to check the accounts situation,’ representatives of the Ministry of Economy stated, as quoted by the newspaper.

The energy industry has the most generous ceiling allocated for 2008-2012, that is 208.6 million allowances, followed by the ferrous metal production and processing industry with 61.6 million, the cement industry with 41.2 million and the oil refinery industry with 28.8 million, the paper says.


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