PM Boc: No more welfare for persons with a Mercedes in the yard

Premier Emil Boc said on Thursday that he would discuss with Health Minister Attila Cseke the need to set a rehab and support program in place for the persons who underwent complicated, high-risk surgery and also promised that “people with a Mercedes in the yard” will no longer receive welfare.

During an online talk with the readers of a news site, the head of the government said that Romania will implement a new Social assistance Code that ‘will do away with abuses in the grant of welfare that is still awarded sometimes to Mercedes owners.”

This was the Prime Minister’s answer to a question by a reader who complained that there are no rehab and support programs in place for people who had complicated, high-risk surgery, but also that welfare is granted to “people who never worked a day,’ whereas “honest people must content themselves with small pensions, unable to make ends meet or even pay for their medicines.’

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