PM Boc: Romania, U.S. negotiate spending with missile shield installation

Premier Emil Boc said that the invitation extended to Romania to join the U.S. missile program is “a political, diplomatic, military and strategic success” and that negotiations are underway with the American side regarding spending with the components’ installation.

“The program will be effective as of 2015, when the ground-based interceptors will be placed on Romania’s territory, that will be thus protected. The costs are minimal for maximum benefits. The incurred expenses are now subject to negotiation and I cannot get deeper into details, they pertain to the American side and are exclusively for it to handle.

The Romanian state makes a location available. Just think how long after WW II Romania had to wait for Western and American security guarantees.  Unfortunately, we were left for 45 years under the rule of communism. Another stage now follows for Romania, we have the guarantee of a democratic system in the medium and long term. Romania will reap the benefits of today’s decisions in long years from now,” said Emil Boc in an online talk with the readers of a news site.

In his view, the invitation extended to Romania to join the missile program is “a success of the steady policy of the country that has seen in the strategic partnership with the United States an extremely viable diplomatic solution.’
US President Barack Obama addressed Romania the invitation to participate in developing the US missile shield system, and the country’s Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) on Thursday approved the U.S. proposal, President Traian Basescu announced in the declaration delivered at the end of the CSAT extraordinary meeting.

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