PM pledges never to enact law maintaining special pensions

Premier Emil Boc said Thursday that he would never put his signature as Prime Minister on an act that maintains special pensions in place. During an online talk with the readers of a news site, the head of the government said that the new pension law would be “one free of privileges and discriminations, doing away with the current special pensions that will be recalculated according to the collect-as-per-contribution principle.’

The Prime Minister also referred to the disability pensions, mentioning that they would be raised for those who deserve this and abuses in this line would be swept away.
“One of the provisions of the new law will put an end to abuse, because unfortunately, in recent years the number of persons collecting such benefits has doubled or even tripled. They should be strictly only for the persons who really are in such a situation and this is where we should think of money supplementation,” said Emil Boc.

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