Romanian Patriarchy turns 85

The National Church Standing Council of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church (BOR) on Thursday remembered the stages in which the BOR was promoted to Patriarch on February 4, 1925, at a solemn session chaired by Patriarch Daniel.

The attendees discussed the promotion of 85 years ago, saying the state and church preparations were conducted along the 19th century, in a succession of events: the 1859 Union of Romanian Principalities under the scepter of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza; paving the way to the recognition of BOR’s autocephaly, which came true in 1885;

Romania’s Independence War of 1878 and the proclamation of the Romanian Kingdom in 1881; the creation of a Church Synod and promoting the Bucharest Metropolitan Bishop to church primate, and also turning the Romanian Church of the old province of Transylvania to Metropolitan Bishopric in 1864, under the rule of grand hierarch Andrei Saguna.

‘During this uninterruptedly rising course, the Greater Union of 1918 marked the biggest and most decisive achievement, the promotion of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church to Patriarchy,’ says priest Florin Serbanescu.
At a meeting of February 4, 1925, the Saint Synod passed a resolution under which the office of Patriarch was created for the autocephalous Romanian Christian Orthodox Church. Miron Cristea was elected BOR’s first patriarch.

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