ForMin says Romania’s participation in anti-missile shield a success in its relation with U.S.

Romania’s participation in the development of the U.S. anti¬missile defence system is also the result of the diplomatic moves made over the last period and it is a success of Romania both in its bilateral relation with the United States and from the viewpoint of Bucharest’s assertion as a reliable partner for the NATO member states, the Foreign Affairs Ministry told on Friday.

‘Romania was and continues to be a consistent promoter in NATO of the project regarding the gradual-adaptive development of the anti-missile defence system in Europe, and Romania took firm action in order to see it achieved. The decision to take part in the U.S. system is in full agreement with what the NATO summits in Bucharest in 2008 and in Strasbourg-Kehl in 2009 decided in this respect’, the ministry said.

Bilateral talks will start in the period immediately ahead in order to close the required agreements with the U.S. side and thus fulfil the decision made by the Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Thursday to take part in the missile interceptor system. The negotiating team will include officials of several institutions that have responsibilities in this field, the ministry stressed.

The resulting bilateral understandings will be submitted to the Romanian Parliament for ratification. The Foreign Ministry reiterates the support for the development of a NATO system of anti¬missile defence that should rely on the main elements decided on at the Bucharest summit and reiterated at the Strasbourg-Kehl summit, namely the indivisibility of the alliance security, the allied solidarity and the full coverage of the allied territory.

The calendar agreed with the U.S. side aims to commission the Romanian-based facilities starting in 2015, as part of the second phase (2015-2018) of the U.S. system, the Foreign Affairs Ministry told. ‘The bilateral project with the United States, that makes a substantial contribution to strengthening Romania’s security and to consolidating the bilateral Strategic Partnership will make a significant contribution to the future NATO anti-missile defence programme’, it added.

Romania was invited by U.S. President Barack Obama to take part in the development of the U.S. anti-missile system and the Romanian Supreme Defence Council approved the proposal on Thursday.

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