Integrity Agency finds former minister Gheorghe Pogea was incompatible with public office

National Integrity Agency (ANI), established that the former Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea was incompatible with the public office because in the period Dec. 22, 2008 through Feb. 26, 2009 he simultaneously held the ministerial office and a managerial job with a commercial company.

ANI took an ex officio action in this case, after a series of articles published by the press where the likely infringement by Pogea of the legal regime was pinpointed.
According to an ANI release on Friday, Gheorghe Pogea was announced on the launch of the verification procedures, having the right to be informed about the documents in his case file and to be assisted or represented by a lawyer, but the former minister failed to use his legal rights.

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Following verifications, it resulted that Gheorghe Pogea was the manager of Titan Mar SRL commercial company in the period Aug. 24, 2004 – Nov. 7, 2005 and in the period Aug.14, 2007 – Feb. 26, 2009. ANI assessed that Gheorghe Pogea failed to observe the obligations referring to the incompatibility legal regime.

In his case, this situation intervened starting with Dec. 22, 2008, when he simultaneously served as Minister of Public Finance, and, respectively,as the manager of SC Titan Mar SRL, situation continued till Feb. 26, 2009, when he withdrew from the company. According to the Law No. 161/2003 on some measures set to secure transparency in public dignities, the Govt membership is incompatible with the occupation of the position of a commercial company manager.

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