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Internal affairs cooperation protocol between Romania and German Land of Hessen

Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga and Minister of Interior and Sports of the German Land of Hessen Volker Bouffier have signed on Thursday a Protocol on the internal affairs cooperation between the two ministries.

“This is a way of strengthening the cooperation partnership between the two sides. (…) Germany was one of our main supporters for the European Union accession, on Jan. 1, 2007 and we hope it will do the same, supporting us to attain the strategic objective of joining the Schengen Space on March 27, next year. The collaboration framework we currently have is focused on very important fields: combating organized crime, combating terrorism, cybercrime, as well as cooperation in all sorts of emergency situations”, underlined Vasile Blaga.

As well, the Minister added that the protocol lays the accent on the information exchange, experience exchanges, professional training of the two ministries staff and last, but not least, the development of communication means.
Referring to the need of such a cooperation framework, Minister Vasile Blaga pointed out that, even though the Land of Hessen is known as one of the highest security zone, the number of offenses committed by Romanian citizens is on the rise, Romania being the fourth as for the number of law breakers after Turkey, Italy and Poland.

According to Blaga, “Romanians’ specialty” is the use of faked cards, cards cloning, as well as a range of the less aggravated offenses as beggary and theft from homes.
During the meeting Minister Blaga presented his German counterpart Romania’s goals for joining the Schengen Space and their dimension, under conditions in which Romania has to manage 2,070 kilometers of the European Union external border.
In his turn, Volker Bouffier emphasized that, currently, many of the states’ encountered problems cannot be solved other than through cooperation means at international level.


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