Justice Ministry draws up new strategy concerning justice reform

The Justice Ministry on Friday introduced a note to a Government meeting regarding the new strategy for public policies in the area of justice, a strategy to be released after the publishing of the European Commission’s interim report on Romania’s judiciary, according to Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu.

‘The previous strategy was no longer functioning. A new strategy was required, focused on more pillars, with the central pillar being the implementation of the law codes, wherefrom all the other objectives will follow. Before we implement the codes, we will seek to achieve other equally important objectives, either at a legislative level or at an institutional level,’ said Predoiu.

He added that the Justice Ministry has finalised the strategy, but it will only be released after the interim justice report is out so that, if need be, other recommendations from the report may be implemented. The final report of the European Commission on Romania’s judiciary is expected out this July, and in the meantime the Commission should make some interim considerations this February.

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