Musura isle, “new heaven” for wild birds

Musura isle from the gulf with the same name in the Danube’s Delta (eastern Romania), formed eight years ago, is currently a heaven for wild birds, said members of the Scientific council of the Administration of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve wishing to include it into protected zones.

“We must think how to protect this area, so that these birds have a chance”, stated director of Constanta-based “Grigore Antipa” Institute Simion Nicolaev. In his turn, professor Angheluta Vadineanu pointed out that it would be better, if people abstain to interfere with nature, and the zone should become a natural strictly protected area, part of Romania-Ukraine Danube Delta Cross-border Reserve.

“Our joint programme of monitoring the environment factors also includes the goal to protect this area. It remains to be seen if, from the administrative standpoint, the Romanian-Ukrainian border marking does not represent an impediment for the implementation of joint actions in the environment protection field, because the same as we discovered that a project for the curly/dalmation pelicans was needed on Ceaplace isle, the same must be done for the “new realm”, as the Ukrainians named the isle in Musura gulf”, said the governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Grigore Baboianu.

At the same time, academician Traian Gomoiu drew the attention that the zone is a border one and, therefore, from the legal standpoint it is governed by the international law. A large number of pelicans, sea gulls and cormorants nest on the isle in Musura gulf.

Musura isle, “new heaven” for wild birds

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