No peace of mind for PM Boc until single chamber parliament adoption

Romania will have a single chamber parliament, with 300 members, in 2012, stated Premier Emil Boc on Thursday, in an online discussion with Hotnews site readers, underlining that, till the attainment of this goal, “he will have no peace of mind with the political class”.

“For me, the Romanians’ vote is not up to negotiations, but must be applied. We will have 300 lawmakers in 2012, therefore 171 less than today, and a single chamber parliament. The Parliament and current politicians against this decision will disappear, swept by Romanians from the political scene in 2012”, said Boc. The PM pointed out that he expressly urged the Parliament, at the start of the current session, the application of the referendum of Nov. 22, 2009 results.

“I shall have no peace of mind with the political class till this will not be attained. We have the Constitutional commission’s solution, the Parliament must adopt immediately and, together with the Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L), I will insist that the other political parties immediately accept the application of the Romanians’ vote result”, said the Executive’s head.

In the same context, he stressed he supports without reservation a simple and representative electoral system that can eliminate the current system distortions. “Simply said, a candidate on the third spot in an uninominal college cannot take the place of a candidate ranking first. Democracy means the observance of the representativeness and of the majority principle and, consequently, the occupation of the elected positions by those who gain most votes, not by those who get the fewest”, emphasized Boc.

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