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PM Boc urges finalization of normative act on banning hallucinogenic plants

Premier Emil Boc has asked on Friday the Minister of Health to urgently finalize, till the Government’s next week meeting, the normative act on the banning of hallucinogenic plants use, given its effects.

“We must proceed in a maximum emergency regime, irrespective if there is, or not, a European Commission assent for the banning of the ethno-botany plants that, unfortunately, have a devastating effect upon the young people and even resulted in the loss of human life among teenagers. I think we must stop that as soon as possible.

Therefore, Mr. Minister (of Health – editor’s note), if you can, because I know you work for some time to such a normative act, do no longer wait for another assent, and let’s us adopt it on Wednesday because human life is more precious than any assent”, the Premier told Attila Cseke at the start of the Government meeting on Friday.

According to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior have to examine very seriously the drugs issue, both the classical ones and the new hallucinogenic plants because he thinks that drugs tend to become “a phenomenon which seems out of control” in Bucharest.
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