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PSD chief Geoana suggesting additional deputy chair offices for women

Chief of the opposition Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana on Friday said he will be campaigning for the inclusion in the future statutes of the party of a provision concerning the promotion of a larger number of Social-Democratic women to the party’s leading offices.

‘I am open to the idea that the future leading board of the PSD should incorporate proposals from our female colleagues so that additional deputy chair offices may be extended to them. What I do is not for a more pleasant and representative picture, which in the end is a good thing, but also because we have to recognise the highly serious work and the long-lasting devotion of women to this party,’ said Geoana.

He added that there are two schools of thought in the party, one of which suggests that a certain percentage of leading offices be extended to women so as to make sure women’s access to PSD will be to a fair proportion, and the other suggesting a gradual increase in time of the percentage of women in the PSD leadership.
Chair of the PSD Women’s Organisation Rovana Plumb said her organisation has set up a working group to draw up public policies that will highlight ways to improve the condition of women in Romania and such policies will be introduced in the future political offering.

‘Today’s meeting had a clear and well-defined aim to collect proposals to modify the statutes so that the representation of the female segment in the society, which is currently standing at 52.8 percent, be reflected in a corresponding way in the decision-making bodies of the party. Thus we want to be able to provide a consistent answer in our political action to the needs of Romanian women when drawing up public policies,’ said Plumb.

She added that a main concern of Social-Democratic women regards the redundancy of women, who are discriminated against and first to be targeted for redundancy. She pointed to the education system, where 13,700 of 15,000 people slated for redundancy are women.

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