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UK ambassador Barnett meets officials of Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

UK ambassador in Bucharest Robin Barnett on Friday met officials of the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss business partnerships and investment opportunities.

Barnett met acting Chairman of the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paul Butnariu and Director General Gabriela Macoveiu of the ADR North-East Regional Development Agency. The informal talks focused on practical ways of improving communication between the UK Embassy and the Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and between the UK Embassy and the North-East Regional Development Agency as vectors to boost and support business partnerships and the promotion of investment opportunities.

Butnariu made a short presentation of the current local economic conditions in Iasi and the advantages the city provides to potential investors, after which talks continued with point-by-point discussions of fields of interest to the UK: creative industries, the IT, agriculture, urban regeneration, for which the UK Embassy has identified British partners interested in cooperation and partnerships.

Ambassador Barnett underscored the special interest he attaches to public-private partnerships, stating that a more active lobbying by both parties to modify the legislation in force can lead to more fluidity and efficiency in local and regional approaches.
In closing, Barnett reiterated the wish of the UK Embassy to get more actively and more efficiently involved in the promotion and drawing in of British investment, saying that to this end he will come up with names of regional experts that will open direct communication channels with local business communities.


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