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Hidroelectrica negotiating two loans worth 100 million euros

Hidroelectrica, Romania‘s leading power generator and main provider of power ancillary services, is negotiating two loans which worth nears a combined 100 million euros, Hidroelectrica Director General Mihai David has recently reported, fresh from a meeting of the General Assembly of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council.

‘We are conducting negotiations with two commercial banks to take out two new loans which total value may reach 100 million euros that will allow us to continue our investment programme,’ said David.
Hidroelectrica is targeting a hydro-energy potential of 2.28 TWh/year in 2025, up from 1.011 TWh/year in 2009-2012, which will entail a total investment of nearly 1.88 billion euros in new planning, according to data released by the company at a recent roundtable conference on Romania‘s hydropower potential.

The company is planning to harness 20 new river sectors that could generate a potential of 1.246 TWh/year, for which preliminary studies are being conducted. Harnessing works for the years 2009-2012 are currently underway.
According to the data released by Hidroelectrica, Romania could count on a potential of 20.86 TWh/year in 2025, which is 64.78 percent of the country’s hydropower potential that can be harnessed for economic purposes.

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