Ion Iliescu: Decision on missile shield should be submitted to Parliament for approval

The decision of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) concerning the timeliness of deploying in Romania part of the US anti-missile shield should be submitted to Parliament for approval, Romania’s former President Ion Iliescu said on Saturday.

He insisted that, according to the legislation in force, the CSAT decision has to be approved by Parliament. Iliescu said that any referendum on the missile shield will only be possible after Parliament has ruled out.
‘In relation to some statements aired through various media channels on the CSAT decision to allow the deployment in Romania of the US missile shield, I would like to say this: I have been asked by a news agency what my opinion is that the CSAT decision should be put up for a national referendum.

My answer was that, according to the national legislation, the CSAT decision should be submitted to Parliament for consideration. Parliament would also analyse and rule on whether or not there should also be a referendum on this matter. I have not enough information for issuing other opinions,’ Iliescu, currently honorary chairman of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), writes on his personal blog.

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