Minister Udrea promises support for health tourism

Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea stated on Saturday at Vatra Dornei, northern Romania, that she will grant support and campaign for the development of the country’s health tourism by extending easy terms to access European grants.

At a meeting with local travel agents of the Dornele region, the agents raised the problem of co-financing for European projects, indicating that bank interests rates are high and the ministry should find solutions to allow for special loans to health tourism on easy terms. The travel agents also asked for Government guarantees to cover their loans. Udrea promised to tackle the issue at the next meeting of the Government.

Udrea on Saturday toured the Vatra Dornei spa complex and said she was pleasantly surprised by the equipment and facilities of the resort that meet the existing European health tourism standards. Vatra Dornei is a famous spa for all ages, recommended for healthy people who want to fortify their bodies through mountain climbing or winter sports, and those who want to repose in a tonic bio-climate that has a soothing influence on the nervous system.

In terms of healthcare, Vatra Dornei provides natural remedy resources, including carbonated mineral springs, thermal baths, natural mofettes and pit coal mud. The first scientific research of the mineral springs of the Dornele zone dates back to the 1790s.

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