UIAA Open European Championship finals start in Busteni

Tourism Minister Elena Udrea on Sunday gave the opening signal of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) Open European Championship finals at Busteni and inaugurated a playground for children close to the Kalinderu trail.

Udrea congratulated Busteni Mayor Emanoil Savin for his local public investments, assuring him of support from her ministry for future projects, which include the building of a new ski trail for the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival.

‘I hope the town of Busteni will shoot up to the first place among Romania’s mountain resorts,’ Udrea said, adding she was impressed by the difficulty of climbing the 15-m vertical wall, which 28 boys and nine girls will be competing to climb to win the European champion title.
The minister also congratulated the Busteni Mayoralty for the planning of the local playground for children, the only such place in Romania where skiing will be possible all year long, on sow in winter and on synthetic grass in summer.


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