Area of office premises in Bucharest amounts to two million square metres

The total rentable area of office premises will increase to two million square metres in 2010 according to a release of the RealTime real estate company.

The main problem of the ones who rent or want to rent office premises consists in the difficulty to compare the opportunities existing on the market, this is the conclusion of a study performed by the RealTime real estate company.

Such a comparative analysis is difficult to get, because each developer or consultant presents his/her offer differently, a fact that renders the comparative evaluation time- and resource-consuming. According to RealTime, the total area of the office premises in Bucharest in 2009 was approximately 1.8 million square metres, and the rentable area was distributed in 195 buildings. The rentable surface is likely to increase in 2010 to roughly two million square metres.

The RealTime company has been operating in the real estate field since 2003 and says that it has contracts for “roughly 90 percent of the qualified office premises offer in Bucharest, ie around 1,620,000 square metres out of the 1,800,000 square metres” available in Bucharest at the end of last year.


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