BNR issues gold collectors’ coin dedicated to Gepids’ hoard of Someseni

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) on Wednesday will put into circulation, for numismatic purposes, a gold coin dedicated to the Gepids’ hoard unearthed at Someseni, Cluj, in the series ‘The History of Gold’.

According to a BNR press release, the coin has a face value of RON 10, and the issue comprises 500 coins. It is a round-shaped coin, with a milled edge, 13.92 mm in diameter and weighing in at 1.244g. Its gold quality is proof, 999‰ purity.
On its obverse, from top to bottom, there is the inscription ‘ROMANIA’, the face value of ’10 LEI’ on both sides of Romania’s coat of arms; two artefacts form the Someseni hoard, namely the setting of a ring – to the left – and a necklace – to the right, and the year of issue, 2010. On the outer ring, there are three pearly arcs.

On its reverse, in the middle, there is a depiction of a pectoral – the centrepiece of the Someşeni hoard; on the outer ring, the inscription ‘TEZAURUL DE LA SOMESENľ between two pearly arcs.
Each coin is housed in a transparent plastic capsule and is accompanied by a leaflet featuring an overview of the numismatic issue in Romanian, English and French. The leaflet comes with a certificate of authenticity bearing the signatures of both the Governor and the Head Cashier of the National Bank of Romania.

The selling price is RON 285, excluding VAT and the cost of the presentation case. The gold collector’s coins dedicated to the Gepids’ hoard unearthed at Someşeni, Cluj, in the series ‘The History of Gold’ will be put into circulation through the branches of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi and Timisoara.
Discovered in 1956-1957, the tomb hoard of Someseni belonged to a Christian Gepid princess. The jewellery in the cache dates back to the 5th century A.D.

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