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Car manufacturers lodge 163 applications for registration with ‘Ramshackle’ program

There were 163 applications filed at the end of the session for the registration of car manufacturers in the ‘ Ramshackle’ car scrappage program, Adriana Stroe, spokesperson of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM) on Monday told.

Stroe said that the names of all producers admitted in the first stage of the national car fleet renewal stimulus program would be known in the near future.
The first session for the automakers’ admission to the Ramshackle program unfurled over January 15-28, 2010, after approval by the AFM president and after Minister of Environment and Forestry Laszlo Borbely had previously given his OK.

The amount earmarked for the sessions of the car scrappage program scheduled for this year is RON 228 million, by 20 percent more than the amount made available in 2009 for this purpose.
The car scrappage program will kick off around February 20, one month and a half later than the initial starting date which was January 1, 2010. The scrappage bonus granted in 2010 under the ‘Ramshackle’ program is RON 3,800, the same in nominal terms as that paid in 2009. Individuals can trade a maximum of three vouchers to purchase a new car.

The national vehicle fleet renewal program also applies for the purchase of tractors, in which case the state provides RON 17,000 in financial support, yet no more than 50 percent of the purchase price of the new tractor. The government approved on Friday, February 5, the budget of the Environment Fund worth RON 1.9 billion, by 137.5 percent more than the RON 800 million assigned in 2009. Of this figure, RON 228 million will finance the carrying out of the ‘Ramshackle’ program.


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