Dutch projects for land decontamination in Romania

The Dutch Government is intending to start off cooperation between the Romanian and the Dutch governments for the promotion of polluted land decontamination projects in Romania and the assessment of risks posed by contaminated sites, an area where the Netherlands has excellent specialists, the Romanian Environmental Ministry reports.

Romania’s Minister of Forestry and Environment Borbely Laszlo at the weekend met Dutch ambassador in Bucharest Tanya van Goo The Dutch ambassador suggested the carrying out of a land decontamination pilot project. The two officials discussed ongoing projects as part of Romanian-Dutch cooperation, future projects, climate change and the outcome of the Copenhagen climate change talks.

‘I think the European Union member states should cooperate very closely, identify ways for dialogue and make strong preparations for the climate summit to be hosted by Mexico in late 2010,’ said Borbely. Water and waste management as well as soil and sub-soil protection were also discussed at the meeting.

Van Gool said the Netherlands and Romania have so far had excellent cooperation in the area of water management, which they want to further develop, particularly because the Netherlands has experts for the relevant water management specialties – drinkable water, waste waters, irrigation water – and wants to share its filed expertise with Romania.

Borbely assured van Gool of his support for the initiatives mentioned and said he will order the start of actions for the organisation of a bilateral Romanian-Dutch meeting to be attended by the National Romanian Waters Administration to develop a partnership in water management. Van Gool also pointed to the Netherlands’ readiness to extend support to Romanian experts in the area of the European Union environmental policies, so that Romania may become a stronger voice at the European environmental protection meetings.
‘I am convinced that our excellent cooperation will continue and we will be able to identify new opportunities so that Romania may efficiently use the support coming from the Netherlands,’ said Borbely.

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