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Geoana: PSD seeks evaluation of Security Strategy in context of Romania’s participation in anti-missile shield

The Social Democratic Party (PSD, in opposition) seeks a much wider evaluation of the National Security Strategy in the prospect of Romania hosting the anti¬missile shield elements on its national territory, announced on Monday this formation president Mircea Geoana.

“We wish that the recent announcement made by the Administration in Bucharest of hosting some anti-missile shield elements on the national territory will lead, beyond the mandatory elements for the public opinion and for the Parliament’s decision, to a much wider evaluation of Romania’s national security. (…) Mr. Cristian Diaconescu, an experienced man internationally, will coordinate our party’s effort in this phase”, stressed PSD leader at the end of the National Standing Bureau of his formation.

According to him, a much more serious discussion is needed, after a few years have passed since the previous national strategy presented by the current president Traian Basescu, on the ways in which the threats at the address of the national security are approached, respectively the costs and implications regionally, at European and Transatlantic levels.

“We see this decision of Bucharest Administration, to be approved and eventually amended by the National Parliament, represents the start of a mandatory conversation between us and Romania’s citizens because, when we talk about so significant elements more transparency is needed as well as the adaptation of the national security strategy to the newly created conditions”, argued the Senate’s Chairman.

He added that the debate on the role of intelligence services is equally important, as well as criteria based on which Romania takes part in operations on war theaters outside the national borders.


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