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Germany’s Max Bogel, interested in building Drumul Taberei underground main line

German construction group Max Bogl has voiced interest in participating this year in various construction projects in Romania, including main line 5 of the Bucharest metro, the Deva-Orastie by-pass and some environmental projects.

‘We are closely watching two big projects, namely the Deva-Orastie ring road and main line 5 of the Bucharest metro, along with environmental infrastructure projects, including ecological landfills,’ quotes Max Bogl Romania Director Romeo Botocan as saying.
For main line 5 of the Bucharest underground – Drumul Taberei – Universitate – Pantelimon -, its administrator, Metrorex, has announced waiting for bids to be lodged by March 2 for works valued at RON 1.16 billion on the resistance structure of its Raul Doamnei – Hasdeu (Opera) portion.

The 32.8-km long Deva-Orastie motorway will be a segment of the future Pitesti-Sibiu-Deva¬Nadlac motorway. The works contract, valued at more than 250 million euros, VAT excluded, was to be awarded last October, but the tender was challenged and the tender procedure will resume this February. Max Bogľs aggregate business in Romania advanced 50 million euros in 2009, to nearly 75 million euros, with 2010 estimates reading 110-120 million euros.

The estimates for 2010, the year when the German builder is expected to finalise the Lia Manoliu Stadium of Bucharest, under a partnership with Italy’s Astaldi, is conditional upon the payment schedule being observed as mentioned in the contracts, says Botocan.
Germany’s Bogl, Italy’s Astaldi and France’s Colas will together build the last two segments of the Bucharest-Constanta motorway that are nearly 50 km long.
The value of these contracts is put at nearly 348 million euros, VAT excluded, to which land expropriation costs will add.


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