MAE pleads for preserving open door policy

Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, has campaigned at the Security Conference held in Munich for preserving the ‘ open door policy’ in the future NATO strategic concept, as well as for ‘ eliminating erroneous perceptions in the NATO-Russia relationship,’ reads a release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bogdan Aurescu participated over February 5-7 in the Conference held in Munich, where he delivered a speech in front of the panel on the future of NATO, on the elaboration process and context of the New Strategic Concept.
The MAE official presented Romania’s priorities, stressing the need to an appropriate reflection of the NATO response to new threats, including missile defense. He referred to the NATO summit in Lisbon in November as to an important moment in terms of shaping a decision on this issue.

Aurescu also referred to the manner in which the New Alliance Strategic Concept reflects in the NATO-Russia relationship, including in the context of the recently adopted new Russian military doctrine.
The Secretary of State stressed the need for finding solutions to eliminate erroneous perceptions in the NATO-Russia relationship, also mentioning, for instance, that military bases existing on the Romanian territory for training U.S. troops is obviously not a threat against any other state.

On the sidelines of the conference, Aurescu talked to Bruno Racine and Umit Pamir, experts with the Group of personalities to develop the New Strategic Concept of NATO, about their visit to Bucharest in the stage of consultation on the future concept. It was agreed that the visit to take place in March 2010. During the talks with Secretary General of OSCE, Marc Perrin de Brichambaut, there were approached such topics of a current interest on the agenda of the organisation, including the Corfu process and making the OSCE activities more efficient, coordinated by Romania.

The meeting with Secretary of State of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wolf Ruthart Born, occasioned discussions on such issues concerning bilateral cooperation within NATO, Bogdan Aurescu extending an invitation to his German counterpart to come to Bucharest, details to be agreed in the following interval.

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