Premier Boc: Special pensions will be calculated according to principle of contributiveness

Premier Emil Boc said on Monday, after the meeting of the central leadership of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L), that special pensions would be calculated in keeping with the principle of contributiveness. The measure mentioned above was unanimously voted for by the standing bureau of the Democrat Liberals.

“In the pension law there is no article instituting any special pension for any category. All these pensions will be recalculated in keeping with the new principle of contributiveness,” explained Premier Boc. The PD-L leader explained that the pension law to be presented to the Government would focus on this principle and then be submitted to Parliament for debate.

“The form to be presented to the Government politically and to Parliament for debate will be the same as last autumn: a fair law ensuring the sustainability of the pension system,” said the Premier. Emil Boc said that the new normative document removed inequalities and discriminations from the system and was a law that would make it possible for all tax payers to have their pensions paid and at the same time would remove privileges and discriminations, imposing the principle of contributiveness.

“Minister of Labour Mihai Seitan presented this draft law to his colleagues and BPN [National Standing Bureau] unanimously voted for the support to the principle of contributiveness in the new pension law and for removing special pensions,” added the PD-L chairman.

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