Romanian river ports closed due to snowy, stormy weather

Traffic in the ports of Constanta Sud Fluvial (river), Midia and Sulina, on the Danube River has been suspended on Monday due to the snowy and stormy weather, the Romanian Naval Authority announced.

Ship movements on the Danube’s Sulina Channel and Bar, where the river flows into the Black Sea have also been stopped. The Black Sea ports of Constanta and Mangalia are currently operational.
According to the latest weather forecasts, the unfavourable weather conditions are to keep on in the next 12 hours, with gusts of wind blowing at a force of 6-7Bf (45-65 kmph) and at 8Bf locally at sea. Waves are some 2-3 meters high on the coast and 4-5 meters high at sea. No navigation incidents have been signalled, the Authority said.

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