Train delays of up to 60 min because of blizzard

National Railway Company CFR SA on Monday announced train delays of up to 60 minutes because of heavy snowfalls and blizzards, although there are no closed lines yet.

Longer delays, of up to 250 minutes, were registered, in arrivals, by the international train from Sofia, which came late to the border, and also, in departures, by the R 382-1 express Bucharest – Moscow (pair train R 382, which comes late from Sofia).
According to the CFR, after the Code Orange alert for abundant snowfalls and blizzards was issued in several counties in southern and eastern Romania, including in Bucharest, trains run with speed limits, reaching their destinations with delays of between 40-60 minutes.

Currently, there are no closed lines, with only the speed of trains crossing Code Orange hit counties having been adapted to the bad weather conditions, including heavy snow and blizzard. Moreover, CFR informed there were activated four regional/local monitoring centres wherefrom traffic to be controlled during such heavy winter conditions.
There are currently 831 employees of the national company ready to intervene in any situation and there are 20 snow plows in action (in Bucharest, Craiova, Galati and Constanta, where the wind gusts at 30-40 km / h).

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