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Young and well-trained labor force, increasingly interested in working abroad

Romanians’ interest in working abroad was 5-6-fold higher in 2009 as against 2008 and there is an increasing number of such applications from highly educated and experimented young people, reveals a study conducted by Myjob site remitted on Monday.

The fields with the highest number of applications for working abroad are chemistry, petro¬chemistry, IT&C and medical services. Men are more interested than women to go to work abroad, given that 79 percent of the applications come from them and just 21 percent are sent by women. As for the age, the number of applicants aged 23-30 rose from some 20 percent in 2008 to more than 33 percent in 2009.

The situation of labor force migration is even worse because, according to, 52 percent of the Romanians wishing to work abroad are experimented specialists, aged 30-45. The job offer abroad mainly refers to jobs in travel industry, agriculture and trade, followed by medical services and engineering.

The number of jobs offered to Romanians rose in Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, France and Germany. Germany liberalized the access on the labor market for people with technical studies or higher academic ones from all EU states, therefore the Romanian specialists do no longer need a work permit and the employers have less formalities to fulfill when recruiting.

As well, Romanians’ preference changed, from Italy, Greece and Spain to Germany, France, The Netherlands or Nordic countries, where the accent is laid on experience and a high specialization level. At the same time, both the offer and demand for engineers and other specialists from oil field doubled and tripled in the Middle East countries, as the United Arab Emirates, Oman or Qatar. Myjob was set up in 2001 and offers at present some 3,000 jobs abroad, of which 65 percent for higher education graduates.


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