Adrian Nastase: I am running for chairman so that PSD becomes again most powerful party in Romania

Chairman of the National Council of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) Adrian Nastase on Wednesday launched the political programme that is to be presented to the delegates at the Party’s Congress on February 20, titled Force-Balance.

“The fundamental idea of my political project is that, in our activity as a party, we must turn to people, to the deep meaning of politics, not to exercise power, but to perform the duty of serving the public interest,” the document highlights.

This way, the former Premier took upon himself some political commitments towards the PSD members: to regain the respect and the confidence of the citizens in PSD; to defend the PSD members and supporters against power abuses; to stop parliamentary migration and to bring the “prodigal sons” back to the party; to put an end to clientelism, nepotism and purchase of positions;

to promote women and youth, both in the party and in the new ruling team; to open PSD towards society in order to draw remarkable people; to achieve a vigorous and credible opposition policy; to regain PSD’s lost electors and to draw new elector categories. Last but not least, Adrian Nastase announces that he wants to establish a team capable of winning the 2012-2014 elections.
The Romanian opposition is tightly pressed between the populist right-wing, represented by the ruling Democratic Liberal Party, and the Liberal right-wing promoted by the opposition National Liberal Party, Adrian Nastase says in his political programme.

Nastase details a series of PSD objectives for the following years, such as: regaining the national political identity of the party, strengthening the mobilization capacity; a permanent doctrinal debate; re-establishing the connection with the left-wing electorate; more efficient communication; promoting women within PSD;
drawing and promoting youth in the party; transparency of political activities funding; strengthening partnerships with the civil society; strengthening the activity of specialist departments, as a genuine Shadow Government.

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