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Anti-missile shield project offers Romania more security

The anti-missile shield project will offer Romania “more security”, National Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea said on Wednesday.

“We are talking only about ground interceptors. The shield is basically a defensive structure, it is not directed against Russia,” stated the defence minister, after the end of the hearings with the ministers of defence, foreign affairs as well as the Romanian Intelligence Service director George Maior on the topic of anti-missile shield.

Oprea says he met the Defence and Foreign Policy committees’ representatives from the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and they had “an extremely efficient mutual briefing.” “We cannot speak at present about costs or locations. There will be discussions in the future at military experts and diplomats level. I just dared saying that this moment is an important one for Romania and Romanians, a historic moment, adding value to our role and place in the EU and NATO,” Oprea added.

He also mentioned the Romanian soldiers’ contribution in the operations theatres outside Romania’s borders, who despite the “budgetary cuts”, “have proven to be loyal and professional partners, bringing further evidence to their loyalty by the blood sacrifices made.” “At present (…), Romania becomes an important landmark within the North Atlantic Alliance and EU and brings more security not only to the Romanian people but also to the entire south-east Europe,” said Gabriel Oprea.


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