EU funding for fishing communities and areas

Fishing communities and areas will be able to access 100 million euros in European funding for the development of alternative economic activities, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mihail Dumitru on Wednesday told a press conference.

“The money is included in Axis 4 of the Operational Fishery Program and can be accessed by local communities and groups formed through local partnerships with a view to improving living standards and preventing the depopulation of these areas,” said Dumitru.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development this Wednesday launched Axis 4 of the Operational Fishery Program that is applicable all over Romania, along the Black Sea coast, the Danube Delta and Valley, the Prut and Siret valleys.

According to the Minister of Agriculture, in the first stage, local partnerships will receive about 30,000 euros/group to work out and submit the development strategy; in the second stage, the selected group can obtain as much as 6-7 million euros in European funding.
“Local governments will be eligible for 100 percent funding for a strategy, with 75 percent in European funding and 25 percent from the national budget, and the strategies filed by private partnerships can get around 50 percent of their value,” explained Dumitru.

He mentioned that the selection of the strategies would be completed by December 2010 so that their implementation can start in 2011. The Operational Fishery Program was developed in Romania starting July 27, 2006. For the 2007 – 2013 programming period, the budget earmarked for Romania’s Operational Fishery Program is of 307.6 million euros, of which 230.71 million euros represent the contribution from the European Fisheries Fund.

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