ForMin: Anti-missile system to cover entire national territory

The anti-missile system will provide the protection of the entire national territory and it will not have significant costs for the Romanian side, Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi said after the parliamentary hearings on this issue on Wednesday.

‘The anti-missile system will cover the entire national territory, it will confirm the excellent dynamic of the strategic partnership between Romania and the United States, it will visibly increase Romania’s geopolitical and regional relevance, it will not have significant costs with a macroeconomic impact and it is to be implemented after Parliament ratifies the rather long calendar.

For the moment, negotiations alone will last a year and a half according to our estimation, so that we’ll keep the dialogue between the Government and the commissions on foreign policy and defence’, Baconschi said.
The Romanian foreign minister was heard by the commissions on foreign policy and defence in the Deputies’ Chamber and the Senate, together with the national defence minister and the Romanian Intelligence Service director.

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