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Implementation of budget planning and execution online, a challenge for gov’t in 2010

The challenge of 2010 for the Romanian Government will be implementing the budget planning and execution system online, Minister of Communications and Information Society, Gabriel Sandu on Tuesday told the public radio station.

‘What does that mean? That we won’t be able to spend other money than those already at our disposal at the respective time, regardless of how much money we count on or we believe we could collect. We have RON 100, then we will spend RON 100,’ Sandu explained. In his opinion, without a system of interconnection and interoperability between large and small budget authorities, big problems will appear.

‘I would say that, if we manage in 2010 to conduct an accurate inventory of all computer systems and services that have been implemented to date, then we would be able to say we have the foundation on which to build,’ said the Minister, also adding that, ‘starting with the smallest village hall in Romania and ending with the Bucharest City Hall, beginning with all the major budget authorities, namely the ministries and those we have behind us, up to a level of 68, all these operations must necessarily happen in real time and online.

We must know in every moment how much money we have in the treasury, how much we have to collect and how much we have collected up to that point.’
Sandu said that until the end of February, there will be 18,000 taxpayers registered in the national electronic system. The MCSI official also stated that the second challenge of 2010 will be the development of the national electronic system to include 100-150 operational services, which will be the basis for eRomania.

‘In 2009, we started with 800 local public authorities in the national electronic system and we have now 12,500. The target for 2010 is to reach 25,000 public authorities and already to have the national classification of public authorities. Absolutely all of these authorities will exist in the national electronic system, and we will access and know their address. We will try a small ‘revolution’ too, to implement the same standard print forms nationwide, ‘said Gabriel Sandu.


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