IRENA statute, approved by gov’t

The government on Wednesday approved the draft law to ratify the Statute for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). ‘Romania was the first country to sign the accession to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

The Parliament should elaborate its own viewpoint now related to this matter for, according to law No. 590 as of 2003 on treaties stipulating that, at the state level, regardless of the regulation field, they should be submitted to Parliament for ratification. In this case it is about the statute of IRENA agency,’ said Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu in the beginning of a government session.

He stressed that all UN member states can acquire IRENA membership. IRENA was established in 2009 to promote renewable energy industry in the world. To date, 139 countries joined the organization, which is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates capital, Abu Dhabi. The main objective of IRENA is to increase intake of renewable energy worldwide by about one third by 2050.

The Administration Fund for the Environment is currently carrying out a programme on energy production from renewable sources: wind, geothermal, solar, biomass and hydro. This program aims at putting into operation new capacities for energy production from renewable energy – solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, biogas, gas from fermentation of the waste / sewage sludge stations for electricity generation or thermal.

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