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MAE: US have consulted with Russia on anti-missile defence plans

The United States of America had detailed consultations with Russia concerning their plans for anti-missile defence, Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) reports.

‘Information coming from our American partners indicate that in the time that followed the September 2009 announcement by the US president, the US had detailed consultations with Russia concerning their plans for the anti-missile defence system. They were conducted in several rounds, and the US party can provide all the relevant details,’ says MAE.

According to the MAE, the US welcomed cooperation with all potential partners in the field of anti-missile defence and participation in the system is open to Russia as well, if Russia so desires, because the anti-missile system is seen as being of common interest by the US.
‘This aspect was underscored by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in her recent speech in Paris: the anti-missile system will turn the European continent into a safer place.

This area of safety, she said, can be extended to include Russia, if Russia decides to cooperate with the US. There is an opportunity for cooperation between our countries for mutual security,’ the MAE says. The MAE also says the project at its current stage is a bilateral one, between Romania and the US.
According to the current stage in the European Security and Defence Policy following the coming into force of the Lisbon Treaty, prior consultations with the EU member states are not required if a national security project is involved, because such project may be decided upon in a sovereign way.

Nevertheless, the Romanian-US bilateral project is deemed a concrete contribution to the development of the anti-missile defence system designed by NATO. ‘At the next stage, Romania’s NATO allies will be periodically informed by Romania and the US about the latest developments in the project, in the spirit of transparency and openness that characterises the trans-Atlantic relationship,’ the MAE says.


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