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Pensioning age – 65 for men and women, starting with 2030

Pensioning age is gradually rising up to 65 for women, on par with men, but starting with 2030, according to the pensions law draft, stated on Wednesday, at Victoria Palace, Labor Minister Mihai Seitan.

The official pointed out that the first step is to rise women’s pensioning age from 58 years and nine months, at present, to 60 years and men’s from 63 and nine months to 65 years till 2015. Referring to the Army, Police and special services staff, according to the future pensions law, the pensioning age will rise from 55 years for men and women, as currently, to 60 years till 2030.

At the same time, the new law will further stipulate the exemptions also included by the current legislation as regards those working in special conditions, as miners or people exposed to a radioactive environment, with a 10-year cut of the pensioning age. He stressed that due to its accession to the European Union Romania cannot add new special jobs categories.

The Minister estimated that the future law will be enforced mid-2011, but Premier Emil Boc came with a more optimistic deadline, namely that the future normative act could be enacted since Jan. 2011. The law draft on a unitary pension system in the public sector is going to be submitted for debate and adoption by the Parliament.

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