Premier Boc: On-the-job excellence pension, an individual recognition of value

For all those who put their life at risk in theaters of operation, for police, but for dedicated artists as well, there should be individual systems of value recognition in place, Prime Minister Emil Boc on Wednesday told the public radio station.

“Wherever there is a special situation, like the case is in the army, where people are dispatched to theaters of operation, who put their lives in jeopardy and suffer constraints, there we can think of an individual system intended for such persons, outside the standard pension system, of an annuity awarded as the country’s recognition of their efforts and merits. For a policeman, the same individual recognition system should apply. Artists too should collect on-the-job excellence pensions,’ said the Prime Minister.

Emil Boc mentioned that check-ups will be performed for the observance of the disability pension award criteria. “Those abusive situations will be reassessed. (…) The legal framework will be observed so that nobody can take advantage of an abuse, at the cost of the pension budget (…) By sweeping away abuses, we want to increase financial support to people who really have a disability. The law will be fair with those who act in good faith,” said the Prime Minister.

Boc added that in the next years money will have to be transferred from the state budget to the pension budget, and expressed his opinion that by 2011 this figure will decrease to 500 million euros and that there will be a progressive offset. “In 2011 the pension will rise as follows: the pension point will be 100% pegged to inflation, to which adds a real growth by 50 pct of the gross average wage per economy,” Boc specified. The government approved on Wednesday the bill of the unitary public pension system.


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