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Publisind threatening to take Government to court

The Government will be sued in case the jurists and the lawyers of the Federation of the Public Administration Unions Publisind and the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS) find the least violation of the laws, in force, on the termination of the labour contact, of any of the Publisinďs trade unionists.

Publisind warns the Government, in a release, against any wrong step, legally speaking, when it is to start the layoffs in the public sector, because the lawyers of the Publisind and of the BNS are to check to the smallest details, the unemployment files of every trade union member of the Federation, and in case the slightest violation of the law is found, Publisind is to take the Government to the court.

According to the release, the Publisind members think the Government has no coherent strategy yet, aimed at the requirement of informing and the obligations regarding the transparency of the decision-making process and the social dialogue.

‘Taking into account the lack of any realistic assessments of the job charts and the activities, in order they should see exactly which sectors number too many employees and which need some more, the Trade Unions Federation of the Public Services Publisind has alerted the member trade unions and started the required preparations to punish the authorities through the legal means it avails of. If one single letter of the laws on lay-off is infringed, we will encourage the people made redundant to sue the authorities, and will supply them all the legal assistance they need,’ the release says.

Publisind Federation has already started moves to set up a trade union of the jobless named the ‘ New Chance- the Trade Unions of the Romanian Jobless, an organization which can join anyone made redundant from the civil service sector. The new organization asks no fee from its members and will take care and provide them all the means they need for the long battles in the court, against the Government.
In parallel, the New Chance will focus on finding alternative solutions for the jobless, such as professional conversion and training courses, to offer them new abilities and bigger chances in finding a new job.


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