Romania says electric vehicles are useful

The electric vehicle is the most adequate instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption and, consequently, the European Union’s dependence on gas imports, and Romania supports the objective aimed at by the Spanish presidency for the use of such cars, Secretary of State with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment Claudiu Constantin Stafie told on Tuesday, while he attended an informal gathering of ministers and secretaries of state of the relevant ministries of the EU member states, in San Sebastian, Spain.

“The topic of the gathering was the objective of the Spanish presidency, for the use of the electric vehicle, which is the industry’s answer to the challenges of the current downturn,” added the Romanian Secretary of State, mentioning that the Romanian delegation said that this was “the most adequate instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption, therefore, the European Union’s dependence on imports.”

According to Secretary of State Stafie, at the San Sebastian gathering no decision was made regarding the time span when electric cars would be introduced and used, but a consensus existed regarding the specific political harmonization in the EU, so that this major challenge and this objective, which is so important for the environment, be achieved by coordinating the member states’ efforts.

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