Romania, US to hold talks on anti-missile shield this March

Romania and the US will probably have talks on the US anti¬missile shield in the second of half of March, when the US is expected to present the generic provisions of the agreements to be concluded for the shield’s facilities in Romania and technical matters, reads a press release issued by the Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE).

Under the legislation in force, the mandate to negotiate and the draft agreements or commitments of Romania have to be approved by the country’s Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT). MAE says that the Romanian Government and the US Government will closely cooperate in the months ahead to agree on cooperation terms.

Tentative talks are to be held in the period immediately ahead that will be followed by negotiations with the US for the conclusion of the necessary international agreements and implementation arrangements. At the same time, technical and juridical matters pertaining to this cooperation will also be regulated. The negotiating team will be made up of various officials from institutions empowered to act in this area. The ensuing bilateral agreements will be submitted to the Romanian Parliament for ratification.

The MAE mentions that winning the required internal approvals will allow the start of technical and legal negotiations with the US in order to agree on a set of documents that, most likely, will include an international agreement on technical facilities, places, rules of engagement, and commitments for the implementation of all these documents that will detail at a technical level all that has been decided at a political and juridical level.

Aspects of the place, management of the facilities involved, the legal status of the location and the staff involved will be negotiated in details by a complex team that will most likely include experts from Romania’s Foreign Ministry, Defence Ministry and other institutions operating in Romania’s national security system.

The conclusion of the documents is expected to take one and a half year, and the ensuing agreement will be submitted to the Romanian Parliament for approval, after which the agreements that pass will be actually implemented. The MAE says the location of the SM3 land-based interceptors will be decided upon in the months to come. The Romanian and the US governments will closely cooperate to find out the best location for the interceptors, the MAE assures.

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